The Very Real Struggles of Wearing Contacts

When you think about it, contact lenses truly are amazing little feats of engineered medical technology.

Not only do they sit directly on your eyeball and focus light so you can actually see (so cool!), they’re also oxygen permeable and made of large molecules called polymers (so science-y!).

But if you ask anyone who has to wear contacts on the daily if they share these sentiments, you’ll probably be answered with a hearty eye roll and a laundry list of reasons why contacts are a pain to deal with… though it’s likely the eye roll is just them trying to move their contact back into its rightful place.

So for those of you who don’t wear contacts and are now too afraid to ask what they’re like, BuzzFeed has compiled the top 26 struggles all contact lens wearers endure.

Our 10 Favorite Struggles

+ The first time you put them in yourself.
+ Accidentally putting your contacts in inside out.
The menace of air conditioning.
+ The menace of sand.
+ When they hurt for no reason whatsoever.
+ Trying to fix a contact that has shifted out of place.
+ Dropping a lens, losing it, and finding later that it has become a sad, shriveled shadow of its former self.
+ Dealing with end-of-day dryness.
+ Staying out too late and making a desperate nighttime run to the store for solution.
+ The blind terror of taking out your contacts before finding your glasses.

If you are a contact wearer, this list will make you chuckle, nod in agreement, and ultimately wish for LASIK.

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