This is WHY You LASIK

The NBA season is officially upon us! And the good folks here at nJoy Vision want you to be able to make the most of the festivities. So whether you are an OKC Thunder fan, or you consider yourself a Houston Rocket, we’d like to give your eyes the MVP treatment. It’s basketball season! This is WHY you LASIK! So Thunder Up! and Go Rockets!

We ran a series of really fun “The is why You LASIK.” promos a while back, and with b-ball season ramping up again, we thought it would be fun to dust this one off and kick off the season in style. You can head over to our Youtube Channel and check out the entire campaign. While you’re there, you can watch some of our short “Get to Know Us” videos as well.

There are a lot of vision centers making a lot of promises concerning LASIK. It’s hard to know who to trust. We’d like the opportunity to show you why we are different from all the others. Have questions? Fears? Not sure if LASIK is right fro you? We’d love to sit down and talk with you. Come in for a FREE consultation, and we will do our ver best to provide you with any info that you need. Let us show you the human side of LASIK.

Our point of view is that laser vision correction should be a positive, life-changing experience. Not just a medical procedure.


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