A Typeface for Your Face-Type

Well, here we are again. A vision center famous for helping you get rid of your glasses, writing a blog about a cool new idea for eyewear. But in our defense, our latest discovery is so fashionably brilliant, we couldn’t ignore it.

Just make us a promise. After you fall in love with these frames, order them with non-prescription lenses. Deal? Okay then. On with the blog post!

The Wieden+Kennedy ad agency has teamed up with retailer Oh My Glasses to develop a new collection of glasses inspired by common typefaces. Customers can now try on OMG’s latest styles: Friz Quadrata, Eurostile, Optima, and Serif Gothic. The frames are designed and patterned after each typeface’s subtle characteristics and even come in regular, light, and bold weights. (Clever, right?)

OMGs Latest Collection: www.ohmyglasses.jp

So while we’ll will never shy away from our desire to help you rid yourself of your glasses, we also love to celebrate our keen eye for style. And look at it this way, with your amazing eyesight, provided by nJoy Vision, you can better enjoy the beautiful design, and subtle curves of these amazing frames.

Heck, we won’t even blame you for staring at yourself a bit longer in the mirror each morning. Just make sure and choose the right typeface for your face-type. Here are some quick tips for choosing the right glasses based on the shape of your face.

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