Keep Calm: It’s World Chocolate Day

Hear ye, hear ye! It is World Chocolate Day, and we have some great news!

Every once in a while, a news story comes along that makes your day a bit sweeter, literally. Today’s bit of good news centers around one strange sounding word: Bioflavonoids.


According to our pals at, Bioflavonoids (also called flavonoids) are a large family of natural pigments found in many of the same fruits and vegetables that are good sources of vitamin C. A diet rich in bioflavonoids appears to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Until recently, the health benefits of bioflavonoids were considered to be due to their role as antioxidants. But recent research suggests the primary benefit of bioflavonoids may be their ability to reduce inflammation, maintain healthy blood vessels and help your body get rid of potentially toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.

There is no RDA for bioflavonoids, but most fruits and vegetables that are good sources of vitamin C also supply your body the bioflavonoids it needs. Berries, grapes, soy foods, dark chocolate and hot peppers are good food sources of specific types of flavonoids.

Wait? What did that say? Dark chocolate is good for my eyes? Huzzah!

And because the good men and women hear at nJoy Vision are so concerned with the health of your eyes, we have found a great article from the Huffington Post that provides you with plenty of ways to take care of your pupils through the healing power of dark chocolate. 

You’re welcome.


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