A Colorful Photographic X-perience

Artist Roy Livingston is giving the world a new look at classic design. He has used electromagnetic radiation to reveal a unique, colorful reality lying under the surface of seemingly simple, inanimate objects. His series X-Ray Visions looks more like a psychedelic candy shop than an art exhibit, but we loved the visual nonetheless!

According to factodesign.com each of his pieces begins by taking an X-ray and developing it. Next, he scans the image into his computer in ultra high-resolution, manually cleaning the image as he goes. After cleaning, he creates hundreds of color variations using Photoshop.

“I’m a big fan of all kinds of industrial design whether it’s new or old,” Livingston told factodesign.com. “It’s incredible when you see the thinking, craftsmanship and machining that goes into creating some of these objects. They are works of art by themselves.”

Roy Livingston ©2014 All Rights Reserved

Roy Livingston ©2014 All Rights Reserved

Livingston’s work celebrates the inner beauty of objects. His art seems to peel back the layers and expose a hidden gem within the simplest of objects. I guess you could say that his work embodies the old saying ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” To view his complete collection, check out: x-rayvisions.com

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