You Be The Ref

Those of you that have been following the blog for a while know that our team of doctors, surgeons, and faculty at nJoy Vision are all big sports fans. We’ve dedicated countless posts to the sporting world, and we are always trying to provide tips on how to keep your eyes safe while competing on the court or field.

Of course, we stand by our opinion that the best way to “up your game” is to get rid of those bulky sports goggles or scratchy contacts lenses and invest in LASIK. Good vision is key to many successes in athletics, from draining a three pointer, to targeting your wide receiver as he darts toward the end zone. And right now you can take advantage of our Holiday Hundreds promo and save some serious cash on LASIK.

But today’s post, although sports-vision related, is not our usual admonition to protect your eyes. Nope, today we simply wanted to get our readers’ opinions on a VERY controversial encounter that happened on Sunday in the NFL. If you haven’t already seen the video, take a few seconds and click play on the Youtube player at the top of this post. After you watch it, we’d like your opinion.

Aqib Talib, #21 for the undefeated Denver Broncos, temporarily lost his cool when one of his teammates got into an altercation. And rather than doing the normal tough guy routine to make his presence known, he poked the opposing player, Dwayne Allen, in the eye! (That’s an nJoy Vision no-no.) Talib has owned up to the incident, confessing that it was intentional (duh!), and he is even on the record as saying that his 1 game suspension is fair.

So here is our question:

Was Talib’s 1 game suspension a severe enough punishment? You be the ref.

Click your choice on the poll below to cast your vote!

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