You Had Me at LASIK: Top 5 Rom-Com Reasons to Fall in Love With LASIK

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It’s a classic love story gone wrong: 

Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy gets his contact lens stuck in his eyelid and gives girl the stink-eye while she is professing her love for him. Girl storms out and boy is destined to be alone forever. 

All because boy never took the time to schedule a free Oklahoma City LASIK consultation at nJoy Vision

Don’t let poor vision turn your personal romantic comedy into a tragedy! Take advantage of our super attractive “You had me at LASIK” offer during the month of love! Save $400 on LASIK at nJoy Vision in OKC when you schedule your consultation by February 28th and complete your procedure by March 31st.

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And if the fear of never experiencing love at first 20/20 eyesight isn’t enough of a motivator for you to get LASIK, maybe our Top Five Rom-Com Reasons to Fall in Love With LASIK will do the trick. This list is sure to make you tear up, especially if you’ve been wearing contact lenses all day.

Top Five Rom-Com Reasons to Fall in Love With LASIK

#5: How To Lose Your Glasses in 10 Minutes

Okay, more like 15 minutes, but that didn’t work as well with the title. The LASIK procedure at our OKC eye surgery center typically takes 5-10 minutes per eye, with the actual laser surgery time lasting less than one minute per eye. Patients are usually in the surgery suite for no more than 15 minutes from start to finish.

And with nJoy Vision’s state-of-the-art laser technology, most patients see more clearly after one hour and can return to their normal daily routine after one day. So kick your feet up and let our vision specialists show you why love at first sight is so much better with good eyesight.

#4: Much Ado About Nothing

We get it. The thought of “laser eye surgery” sounds painful. But the truth is, today’s advanced technology makes LASIK virtually painless. At nJoy Vision in Oklahoma City, we use the iDesign® Refractive Studio to map the eye, iFS® Advanced Femtosecond laser for flap creation, and the STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea.

All of these super technical-sounding advances in bladeless technology provide patients with a virtually pain-free, stress-free procedure from start to finish. So relax. There’s really nothing to get worked up about. 

#3: Your Best Friend’s Wedding

She has been your best friend since childhood. And she’s asked you to be by her side on the biggest day of her life. Sure, the ceremony is all about the beaming bride, but let’s not kid ourselves. Whether you’re the maid of honor or the man of honor, you want to look good on that stage, too.

Don’t let glasses throw off your look, and don’t let overly-teary contacts make a scene. With LASIK, you can ditch the frames and the artificial tears because the only spectacles you should be responsible for are the ones you make on the dance floor.

#2: Something’s Gotta Give

Juggling a relationship with more than one pair of glasses is getting old, right? You have a casual pair for around the house. You’ve got a fancy pair, a chic pair, a vintage pair, and a trendy pair. And let’s not forget those prescription sunglasses you can’t leave home without.

Something’s gotta give. You can’t keep building up this collection of eyewear. What a hassle! Clearly, glasses are not conducive to your active lifestyle. With LASIK, you can finally ditch the collection of glasses and get out there and enjoy life without the constant juggling.

#1: When Harry Met Savings

Did you know that the average family of five spends over $40,000 on glasses and contact lenses over a 15-year stretch? Don’t adjust your glasses; you read that correctly.

The one-time cost of LASIK could keep some serious cash in your pocket. And that’s not even taking into account the $400 discount we’re offering in February for our OKC LASIK patients. With all these short-term and long-term savings, maybe this year you should consider buying more than the same old box of chocolates for your sweetheart.

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The Happily Ever After Your Eyes Deserve

The month of February, not just Valentine’s Day, is a time to focus on the ones you love. Don’t let poor vision rob you of that focus. Instead, let us hook you up with an irresistible $400 discount so you can give your baby blues the happily ever after they deserve.

Just think, in as little as 15 minutes, you could be on your way to finally writing the storybook ending you’ve always dreamed about:

Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy finally ends his fling with glasses and contacts. Girl gazes longingly into boy’s eyes and tells him, “You had me at LASIK.”

(We’re not crying. You’re crying.)

Schedule your free Oklahoma City LASIK consultation at nJoy Vision

*Save $200/eye. Offer valid on all-laser LASIK, PRK, ICL and RLE procedures at participating nJoy Vision locations only. Promotion begins February 1, 2022. Complete consult by February 28, 2022. Complete procedure by March 31, 2022. Cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with other discounts, insurance, or special offers. Other restrictions may apply. Free consult is for patients with no previous surgery.

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