Your Face Could Be Gone in a Flash

Thanks to a revolutionary idea from DJ Chris Holmes, Betabrand designer Steven Wheeler has created a new hi-tech clothing line made with glass nano spheres that makes people’s faces disappear.

The light-reflecting creations, called the Flashback Collection, causes interesting photo effects when using a camera flash. The fabric has been coined “Paparazzi-Proof” because it blows up the exposure of the image, leaving the clothing overexposed and everything else underexposed. Pretty cool stuff.

Like a camera, our eye uses the iris to control the size of the pupil. It expands and contracts the pupil to protect the retina from too much light, just as the aperture in a camera protects the film or sensor from over exposure. But, whereas our eyes can adjust to different exposures, a camera flash renders a camera unable to balance the exposures simultaneously. When the light bounces back into the camera, all it sees is a flash of white.

The clothing line was created for Betabrand, a crowdfunding design website similar to Kickstarter. The concept gained immediate popularity on their site which spurred on the creation of the Flashback Collection. You can read more from Wired’s original article here.


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