You’re SEEING Fine Oklahoma!

The results are in for the 2016 VSP Vision Care Eye Health Index. Rankings are based on the percentage of VSP members who received an eye exam in 2015 in cities with at least 100,000 VSP members. VSP is the largest not-for-profit vision benefits provider in the United States. So why is this ranking such a big deal for us here at nJoy Vision? Simple. According to Ophthalmology Times, both Oklahoma City AND Tulsa were ranked in the Top 10! That has us saying “You’re SEEING fine Oklahoma!”

Coming in at #10, Tulsa!

Tulsans can pat themselves on the back! This little big city is on the rise. With a booming arts district, world-class venues, and a thriving energy industry. Tulsa has a lot to LOOK forward to in the future. Keep it up Tulsa! And if you find yourself feeling guilty for not being one of the thousands of Tulsa residents who got a vision check-up this year, no sweat! We have some great doctors that we would love to recommend.

Coming in at #3, OKC!

Oklahoma City, known as “The Big Friendly,” is a top contender for the nation’s most eye-health conscious cities, meaning it may also be a contender for the least burnt-out ophthalmologists! Sure, we shed some tears in OKC when Kevin Durant left town, but our eyes are nice and clear now! Our future looks so bright, we should probably all be wearing sunglasses.

Speaking of sunglasses, OKC residents can head to to get in touch with our team of surgeons. They’ll have you out of your prescription glasses in no time. You can finally go buy that pair of shades you’ve been wanting!

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