These Colors Will Trick Your Eyes

Here at nJoy Vision, we’re just a bunch of eye nerds. Whether we’re using advanced laser technology to give people better eyesight or being way too entertained by a simple optical illusion, we are absolutely fascinated by the power of the visual pathway.

Speaking of being easily entertained, here’s some visual trickery that recently caught our eye. via Sploid.

The first is Benham’s disk, a colorless, spinning sphere with randomly positioned black lines. As it spins and flickers, our eyes discern arcs of color, called pattern induced flicker colors (PIFCs), around the disk. The cool thing is, not everyone sees the same colors.

Check it out and tell us what colors you see. But be warned, it can get a little headache inducing if you stare at it too long.

Benham's Disk


Next up, is the case of the mysterious vanishing colors.

If you stare long enough at the center of the image below, the watercolor-y color palette will fade away into a colorless void of nothingness. Where did the colors go? No one knows, but if they start to come back just stare a little harder and they’ll disappear again.

Fading Colors


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