What Does Your Eye Color Say about You?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, does it stand to reason eye color could affect a person’s personality?

Some people believe the color of our eyes provides a glimpse into everything from a person’s disposition to their sense of humor, and even how well they can handle their alcohol.

Whether you think there’s credence to this belief or not, here’s a rundown of what your eye color could say about you.


Brown Eyes
Brown is the most common eye color in the world. Those with this earthy and rich color are said to be the life of the party. These charming and quite-grounded individuals are said to be more in touch with nature and do not care for materialistic things.
Your “go to” fun and playful friend will most likely have brown eyes. Check it out and see if we are right.


Blue Eyes
The beauty with sky blue eyes is unforgettable. Some people even use colored contact lenses in order to obtain their own vibrant and “enchanting” blue eyed stare.

Charming, friendly, and attractive are just a few words to describe the blue eyed bunch. They are the type to help others and lend a helping hand. The great sense of observation and outgoing personality are just two added traits that come with having blue eyes.


When it comes to rules, people with grey eyes tend to see in black and white. These people are often great leaders. They have a strong nature and remain strong when facing external pressure.

Grey eyed guys and gals are calm, organized, and keep to themselves. Their eye color may not be bright and vibrant, but they fall in love and stay extremely loyal.


Green Eyes
Just like sky blue, a bright and “popping” green is a desired eye color. Just like a stop light, green means go. Green eyed people are driven and will not let anyone or anything stand in their way.

Making people laugh and have fun are their main goals, while also building relationships and trust. If you have a super witty friend, take a look at their eye color, it is probably green.


Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes never back away from a challenge. The drive and focus these folks possess carry them far in life. They are sweet, empathetic, and kind, but also extremely outgoing and personable.

The beauty and elegance about them shines as they are spontaneous and fun-loving. Hazel is a unique color with unique set of characteristics.

Even though we all have our own personality and eye color, do we truly fit into a single category? How about you? Does your eye color fit you to a T, or  you a little bit of blue with a little bit of brown? Maybe all hazel with a dash of grey? Or some crazy all-in-one color combo? Let us know!

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