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Must-See Christmas Lights in Oklahoma and Texas

We're only a week away from one of the greatest holidays! Here are just a few Christmas attractions to help you get in the holiday spirit. Chickasha Festival of Light Located in Chickasha, Oklahoma, The Festival of Light features over 3.5 million lights and has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light …

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December is Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and December is Safe Toys and Celebrations Month! Prepare yourself for all the festivities by reading up on the best safety practices for the season. Toy Safety As you shop for gifts, keep this list from Everhart Eyes Associates in mind: • No toys with sharp objects …

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Holiday Hundreds: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, apple cider, and getting (or giving) LASIK! The holiday season is upon us, making it the perfect time to gift yourself or someone else the gift that keeps on giving. LASIK! Though it is the most wonderful time of the year, for contact and glasses wearers, it can be …

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World KC Day

It's World KC Day and we're here to raise awareness about keratoconus! According to The Discovery Eye Foundation, keratoconus "is a non-inflammatory eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins causing a cone-like bulge to develop." This then leads to visual impairment. The cornea is responsible for allowing us to complete simple, but …

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Bunny Plays with Owner in Fall Leaves

Yes, you read the title correctly. We all know the internet is full of hilarious cat videos, and as entertaining as they can be, you just might want to add "Bunnies" to your Watch Next list. See the full video here. Though the video was posted back in 2015, "Bun Bun" has been showing up …

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October is Home Eye Safety Month

Leaves changing. Halloween stores opening. Candy stashing. This can only mean one thing. October has finally arrived. While this month is full of exciting activities and events, it’s also Home Eye Safety Month. “Accidents involving common household products cause 125,000 eye injuries each year.” – Prevent Blindness Is this number shocking to you? While many would …

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Eclipse Safety

All throughout your childhood, you were told never to look directly at the sun because it'll damage your eyes. Well, the same applies for solar eclipses. With the proper tools, however, you can view the eclipse safely with no worries of burning a crescent shape into your retinas. Though, according to NASA, more than 6,800 …

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Ways to Save UP for LASIK

No joke, LASIK is quite the investment. It’s a good investment in improved vision, but it is definitely an investment… And while there are good options to help pay for it, that doesn’t suddenly make it affordable. Like the security deposit on a new apartment, or a spring trip to Cancun, it’s something you’ve gotta …

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