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The Scary Side of Halloween Contact Lenses

There are two telltale signs that Fall is officially upon us: Pumpkin Spice everything. Seriously. Even gum. Halloween costumes and stores are popping up faster than the walking dead in a zombie apocalypse. The latter is the reason for this post, because most Halloweeners seem to believe that no respectable werewolf or vampire is complete …

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Exercise Your Eyes Like a Pro Athlete

Athletes are able to train to have a better swing, throw further, and run faster. But did you know they also train their eyes? Most athletes need their vision to be top notch in order to perform at their best. Recently studies have shown that sports vision training has positive results. Vision training actually has …

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Kids Use Technology More than Parents Think

It’s no secret that parents and children don’t always see eye to eye. While moms and dads usually have the upper hand in these situations, recent studies conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA) show that kids are increasingly pulling the wool over their parents’ eyes when it comes to the amount of time they spend …

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Healthy Recipes for Healthy Eyes

Earlier this week, we wrote about a group of scientists who say a mere change in diet can give people the ability to see near infrared. However outlandish or feasible you find that claim to be, there's no denying that the foods we eat do have an impact on the overall health of our eyes. …

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The Headaches of Computer Vision Syndrome

We are all guilty of being on our computers, tablets, and smartphones more than ever before. The eye pain and fatigue it causes are now making headlines along with the headaches. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Every year, there are more than …

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Woman's face with long dark eye lashes (MODEL)

The Glaucoma Medicine That Gives You Long, Luscious Lashes (Updated 2024)

In her lifetime, the average woman will spend $4,000 on mascara alone in order to make her eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and darker. Capitalizing on this huge market is pharmaceutical company Allergan with a prescription drug that doesn’t just make lashes appear longer and fuller, it actually makes them grow longer and fuller. Bimatoprost, or …

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The Very Real Struggles of Wearing Contacts

When you think about it, contact lenses truly are amazing little feats of engineered medical technology. Not only do they sit directly on your eyeball and focus light so you can actually see (so cool!), they're also oxygen permeable and made of large molecules called polymers (so science-y!). But if you ask anyone who has …

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Russell Westbrook Brings His Frame Game

It's no secret that we're suckers for UV blocking sunglasses (we've already written a handful of posts this summer on this very topic). But we're even bigger suckers for UV blocking sunglasses bearing the name of OKC Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. Whether you're a fan of the Thunder, Russ, fashion, or just saving your …

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