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Tour NewView in Downtown OKC

NewView Oklahoma is hosting a tour of their manufacturing facility in Downtown OKC this Thursday, March 27, from 11am-noon. Attendees will receive a BOGO coupon to Joey's Pizzeria, so bring a sidekick and learn all about this local 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been changing the lives of blind and visually-impaired Oklahomans since 1949. NewView is …

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The Resolution of the Human Eye

Right now, this very second, you are looking at a screen. In fact, at any given moment throughout the day, you're probably within arm's reach of at lease one screen. That's because they are literally everywhere these days. In our pockets, on our walls, on our laps, even on our faces. With each and every …

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Explaining Colors to a Blind Person

For most people, learning their basic colors is part of a fun-filled preschool curriculum. But for some people, like blind YouTuber Tommy Edison, learning the color wheel is beyond comprehension at any age. What he lacks in visual acuity he more than makes up for with insight and a sense of humor. And that's a …

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This Is Not Yellow – Crazy Color Knowledge from Vsauce

For most of us, colors are easy. We learn them when we're just toddlers. We recognize them and instinctively know that bananas are yellow, apples are red (but sometimes green), and the sky is blue. But when we see something that is yellow, are we actually seeing yellow? It depends where we're seeing it. Like …

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A Clear Look at Google Glass

In recent years, technology and gadgetry have evolved from utilitarian devices to fashion accessories. None more in your face (or should we say, on your face?) than Google Glass™. If you're not yet aware of this revolutionary, slightly peculiar, technology from Google, you wear Glass just like a pair of glasses. But instead of a …

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nJoy Vision is First to Offer Precision Laser Cataract Surgery with Catalys

nJoy Vision has become the first eye-care services provider in Oklahoma to offer cataract surgery with the Catalys® Precision Laser System. Catalys combines a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser, advanced 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging, sophisticated software and a host of other unique features that enable surgeons to provide patients a gentle, highly customized procedure with …

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How We Introduce a New (Somewhat Complicated) Product to Consumers

nJoy Vision is the first vision correction center in Oklahoma to offer patients the new standard in precision cataract surgery with the CATALYS® Precision Laser System. Using CATALYS, surgeons at nJoy Vision can provide a gentle, highly customized cataract procedure with precision not achievable through traditional manual techniques. Developed by Silicon Valley-based OptiMedica Corp., CATALYS …

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Seeing Radiant

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute picks a color of the year. 2014's is a vibrant, purply tone called Radiant Orchid. So, what does that have to do with the vision industry, you ask? Well, considering this color spills over into everything from fashion to beauty to design, there's a good chance eyeglass wearers will …

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Come on Down Pano

Come on Down Exhibit at OKCMOA

If visual art is your thing, we recommend you feast your eyes on Oklahoma City Museum of Art's Come on Down exhibit, a site-specific mural installation by New York sculptor Lisa Hoke. Just hurry up, because the exhibit is only on display until April 13, 2014. Hoke's mural measures a monumental 15 feet high and …

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A New Outlook for Tulsa

Tulsa World just put out its new Outlook publication and it just makes us proud to be a part of the growing and vibrant scene in the city. Why? Because Tulsa has lots to love. From a moving economy to spiritual roots, this part of the state (and country, for that matter) is truly impressive. …

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