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Jeepers Creepers! Can You Name These Peepers?

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we would dedicate a post to some classic ghosts, goblins and ghouls of the silver screen! Think you know your villains?!? See if you can name these famous movie villains simply based on their haunting stare! Jeepers Creepers! Click on each image to reveal the answer! So …

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Are Cartoons the Key to Good Vision?

We've made it a point to emphasis monitoring your child's screen time. It's a fact, too much exposure to the screen is not good for your vision in the long-term. But this latest bit of research has us curious. Early tests show that cartoons can be a excellent way to help your child battle the …

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Creepy Craig: This is WHY You LASIK

Staff meetings are hard enough as it is. Don't let your poor vision make them any worse than they have to be. At nJoy Vision, we can get you seeing clearly in no time. At nJoy Vision, LASIK is what we do. Schedule a FREE consultation with us and let one of our doctors answer any questions you …

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One Simple Step: LASIK

To take proper care of your contact lenses, you pretty much need to be wearing a Breaking Bad-approved hazmat suit in order to avoid an eye infection. And for the life of us, we can't figure out why anyone would choose to keep wearing contacts when you need help like this to take good care …

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This is Why You LASIK: The New Boss

You work hard! You've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your job. Now you're ready to take that next step. You've polished up your resume, gathered some glowing references from trusted colleagues, and you even went out and bought yourself some new digs to impress everyone with your fashion sense. You are ready to …

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This is WHY You LASIK

The NBA season is officially upon us! And the good folks here at nJoy Vision want you to be able to make the most of the festivities. So whether you are an OKC Thunder fan, or you consider yourself a Houston Rocket, we'd like to give your eyes the MVP treatment. It's basketball season! This …

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Let Us Show You the Human Side of LASIK

LASIK is the most popular elective procedure in the U.S. But you probably already knew that. That's why you're looking into it here on our blog. Are we right? At nJoy Vision, we truly understand how important your vision is to you, and just how badly you’d like it improved. We also understand that choosing …

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Ready to Fight Myopia? Go Play Outside!

Children who spend time doing activities outdoors appear to have a lower risk of developing nearsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed. This, according to a recent study published at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China. We've blogged quite a bit about Myopia, and our doctors are the best in the country at helping men …

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KD Sets His Sights on Your Sight

Last year we devoted a post to the amazing line of UV blocking sunglasses from OKC Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook. His line of glasses were both stylish AND great for your eyes. Westbrook has since launched his very own clothing line and a Byredo fragrance simply called Westbrook. He seems to spend his off …

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It’s Time to FLEX and Pump Up the Savings

It's that time of year again! Time to Flex your way to savings. A Flexible Spending Account (often called an FSA, flex plan, flex account, flexible spending arrangement, or cafeteria plan) is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows participants to pay for qualified medical or health care-related expenses on a pre-tax basis. Benefits of a flexible spending account …

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