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No Color in the Ancient World?

Take a moment and think back to summers as a child; bright sunny days lounging by a pool or hiking deep into the woods, evenings spent riding your bike down to grab a snow-cone or catch a movie. Now imagine these priceless memories devoid of color. No brilliant blue sky or green canopy of trees. …

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Wearing Contacts? Swim at Your Own Risk.

Few things are more refreshing on a hot summer day than a relaxing dip in a cool lake or pristine swimming pool. What’s not cool is putting yourself at risk of contracting a recreational water illness (RWI) by wearing contact lenses while taking that dip. Don’t let contact lenses ruin your summer fun! Our $600* …

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Protect Your Game Face

If you were to ask a handful of athletes to name the body part that is most important to their sport, chances are you would receive a different answer from each, depending on their sport or position. For instance, baseball or softball players might say their throwing arms, while soccer players would probably point out …

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Technology Makes Contact

For a while now, we’ve been following the updates Google has been making to their Smart Contact Lens technology. As always, it's pretty impressive stuff from Google X, the search giant’s semi-secret research and tech arm. In late March, it was announced that Google had been granted a patent by the U.S. patent authorities to make the …

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Survey Says…. LASIK > Contact Lenses

A recent survey presented at the World Cornea Congress held in San Diego April 15-17 revealed patient satisfaction with LASIK is better than that with contacts. According to Francis Price, Jr, MD, an ophthalmologist practicing in Indianapolis who presented the results, the research team could not find any studies that compared LASIK to a realistic …

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Your Face Could Be Gone in a Flash

Thanks to a revolutionary idea from DJ Chris Holmes, Betabrand designer Steven Wheeler has created a new hi-tech clothing line made with glass nano spheres that makes people's faces disappear. The light-reflecting creations, called the Flashback Collection, causes interesting photo effects when using a camera flash. The fabric has been coined “Paparazzi-Proof” because it blows …

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nJoy Vision Announces Center Opening at UHCO

We've been teasing the opening of our new center at the University of Houston College of Optometry for a while, but, with this official press release, it is now officially official. Download the release here. Oklahoma City— Monday, February 9, 2015 nJoy Vision announced the opening of its 3rd location - nJoy Vision at the …

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Special Glasses Help Blind Mom See Her Newborn Baby

This one has all the feels. Just like every other new mother, Kathy Beitz got to hold her baby and look him over from head to toe. But unlike most new mothers, Beitz, 29, has been legally blind since she was 11. Though she is not completely blind, Beitz suffers from a form of macular …

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Will Microsoft HoloLens Change the World We See?

Our mission here at nJoy Vision is to provide the world with the miracle of sight. It is worthwhile, and it drives us daily. Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled (with great fanfare) something of a vision that takes our mission and runs totally wild with it – Microsoft HoloLens - a wearable augmented reality device that seamlessly …

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Visian ICL™: A Testimony from an nJoy Resident & Patient

Dr. Joseph Osmond is an Ocular Disease and Refractive Surgery Resident at nJoy Vision OKC. He is also a recent Visian ICL™ patient. After several years as a practicing optometrist and seeing refractive surgery patients, he decided to gain advanced specialty training in refractive and ocular surgery through an accredited optometric residency at nJoy Vision …

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